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Türkü 5 months ago
Perfect. I wanna cry.
Sude 10 months ago
Im not the kind of fool whos gonna sit and write a review here yet the film is magnetising
John Mancia 11 months ago
I recommend it to the youth and young adults. many of those will relate to it somehow.
Tiny Freckle 1 year ago
Love this films quirky cinematography and the fact that the film portrays real life.
Yalini over 1 year ago
nice Indie movie with Alex Turner s' music...really good!
Ashleigh Louise Payne over 2 years ago
Richard Ayoade makes great films. Fantastic viewing.
Emily Brown almost 3 years ago
Love this. Original, v funny. Acting, soundtrack, script & cinematography all excellent.
Anastasia Loule 4 years ago
Bárbara Araújo over 4 years ago
favorite movie
Kelsey Mayfield over 4 years ago
cute. director makes v interesting decisions
Sinead Shahrzad over 4 years ago
SUBlime, hah
Ryan Boucher almost 5 years ago
All I remember is quirky.
Anthony Kozlowski almost 5 years ago
Quirky and meta without rubbing your face in it.
Annika Løchte Taylor almost 5 years ago
The plot, acting and filming is amazing. I'm especially in love with the colours and music
emilio murillo almost 5 years ago
Beautiful movie. Stylish. But very Wes Andersonesque at times. Unparalleled soundtrack.
Thomas Jennings 5 years ago
Wonderfully made and relatable (occasionally depressingly so). Bleak in the best ways.
Alejandra Thomas 5 years ago
Funny at times but mostly boring. Music by Alex Turner is great, though.
Robyn Hamilton over 5 years ago
Dead pan humour, charming story. If nouvelle vague was funny.
Andrew Bruno almost 6 years ago
I like it. I like it a lot. It kinda makes me a bit uncomfortable though.
Dominic Dirupo 6 years ago
Like a Wes Anderson coming of age movie, but more Welsh (and better for it)
Submarine is a 2010 coming-of-age comedy-drama film adapted from the 2008 novel of the same name by Joe Dunthorne. The film was written and directed by Richard Ayoade and stars Craig Roberts, Yasmin Paige, Sally Hawkins, Noah Taylor and Paddy Considine. Submarine is Ayoade's directorial debut. Oliver Tate (Roberts) is a 15 year-old Swansea boy in 1986 who is convinced that he is an unrivalled genius who is widely loved by his classmates, when in fact he is pretentious and socially alienated. He is in love with a mischievous but straight-talking girl named Jordana (Paige) in his year, and goes as far as bullying an overweight classmate to impress her. One day she invites him to meet secretly after school, instructing him to bring a Polaroid camera and a diary. She takes pictures of them kissing, but it turns out to be a plan to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. The plan backfires, the two are publicly bullied, and Oliver is beaten up for refusing to call Jordana a "massive slut". Walking...
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