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Phetcharat over 4 years ago
Jonathan Evans 5 years ago
well it's a survival thriller. I don't really like these sorts of things much
Kadi 5 years ago
What a terrifying story.
Leif Jacobson 5 years ago
Brutal and thrilling. Liam Neeson is excellent.
Michael Cole 6 years ago
Wolves from the 1980s Chronicles of Narnia serials were better than these CG abominations.
Johnny Nys over 6 years ago
Man versus nature. Not much to it but still gripping. Great ending. I think he won.
Jonathan Prince over 6 years ago
I would have liked to see that last fight. That's all I wanted.
Nick Fenton over 6 years ago
Really fake wolves detracted from what could've been an okay adventure
Justin L. Clemons almost 7 years ago
Thrilling and action packed...
Zan 7 years ago
ooo i am freezing!btw this is wolf's territory,not ours!i like the end.
Amanda Strike over 7 years ago
not one of Liam Neesons best movies however still worth a watch!
Josh Steadman over 7 years ago
So, uh...what kind of "wolves" are these exactly? Disappointing.
tiailds over 7 years ago
If someone wants to make a survival horror, use monsters, not demon wolves.
Grant davies over 7 years ago
the wolves are stunning 8/10
Orkun Ok over 7 years ago
Terrific action film, blood-freezing scenes, shows realism.
Drew Franzblau almost 8 years ago
Manages to be both thrilling and intellectually stimulating.
Marcel 8 years ago
A mindless analogy about existence and life. Wasn't able to finish watching this movie!
Bruno Ferreira Machado 8 years ago
Interesting but bland.
Brendan Keevers 8 years ago
Neeson is spectacular, could have had better support from co-stars but nonetheless good.
Jessika Acklin 8 years ago
Terrible! I thought it was going to be good because of Liam Neeson ...everyone dies btw
The Grey is an upcoming action-drama film directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam Neeson. It follows a number of men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, and forced to survive using little more than their wits as a group of wolves come after them. The film will release on January 27, 2012. The Grey reunites director Joe Carnahan with producers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott as well as actor Liam Neeson, who collaborated on the 2010 action film The A-Team. Filming began in January 2011 and ended in March. Though set in Alaska, the film was shot in British Columbia, Canada.
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