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Eric Brainard over 2 years ago
Fun spoof on the ghost hunting shows. It's horror but also shows some dishonesty.
ashley lee over 6 years ago
As a huge horror fan I can appreciate what they were trying to do, but meh.
Ally McCabe over 6 years ago
Kind of a nice spin on the whole idea.
Christopher Leno over 6 years ago
What starts as a funny poke at Ghost Adventures soon turns pretty tense and scary.
Fae over 7 years ago
It was good; creepy and made me jump, but not something I'll turn to a second time.
Jody Bradley over 7 years ago
Cant watch this film in the dark! haha
Griffin Maurer over 7 years ago
While not perfect, Grave Encounters delivers enough fresh ideas for a worn out genre.
Chelsea Foreman over 7 years ago
Slow initially, mocumentary, interesting story. I still don't understand what happened
Niel de la Rouviere over 7 years ago
Just below cheesy line with an amazing atmosphere. One of the best found-footage horrors.
Tracy Marie Arthur almost 8 years ago
Terrifying! The only film that's managed to make me crawl into a ball and scream.
Franco Metz 8 years ago
It's not thrilling nor shocking. They don't even try to reveal bits of the mistery.
Jake Barlow 8 years ago
Charlie over 8 years ago
A bit cheesy, but that's what's so endearing. I will watch this any night, it's my fave.
Ken Miguel-Cipriano over 8 years ago
Great Friday night flick, get the take-out, sit and enjoy.
Lino Monteiro over 8 years ago
Very, very spooky. Mind-blowing. Not for the faint of heart.
Timo over 8 years ago
The closest you can get to a "House of Leaves" movie. That's why I enjoyed it.
Donna Ryerson over 8 years ago
It's surprisingly well done . I would highly recommend this.
Scott Hume over 4 years ago
Steven Jv over 4 years ago
Richard Sebastian over 4 years ago
Grave Encounters is a 2011 horror film written and directed by The Vicious Brothers.
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