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Rachel Finston over 5 years ago
The monkey was fun, but the rest was sub-par. I would watch a sequel.
Justine D. over 6 years ago
No logic in this film. Actors are not so good & some characters are rly bad (hey Glinda)
Danial Pearce over 6 years ago
Anika Cooke over 6 years ago
the monkey was cute though....
Fernando Olivas 7 years ago
Few enjoyable moments here and there. Most of the visuals look fake and cheap.
Mario Schievenini 7 years ago
Not good, not good at all. Watch it only when no other film is around.
Jake Barlow over 7 years ago
I feel like this could have been better. Maybe it was aimed specifically at kids, IDK.
Jim Barton over 7 years ago
Hollywood does it again! Could have been way better.
Jane Kenney over 7 years ago
Fun family movie, funny, and a good flick.
Orren Jensen over 7 years ago
Could have been better, not enough charm.
Devon Worrell over 7 years ago
Love the twists and new take on the story
Rowan Humphreys over 7 years ago
if only that terrible slow beginning had been edited out this film would be great :D
Kosala Liyanage over 7 years ago
Why, James Franco? Why?? Was the money really worth it?? Same goes for you, Mila Kunis.
Corey Reece over 7 years ago
Atrocious. Contains zero charm of the original.
Ay Lin almost 8 years ago
Thoroughly disappointing. Only graphics were good. Unsuitable cast. Original way better.
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea almost 8 years ago
Excellent adventure movie. Good acting of James Franco
Justin David Henry almost 8 years ago
Forced so hard.
Emma Jun almost 8 years ago
Solid fantasy adventure, but more of a tribute than an equal to the classic
Franco Metz almost 8 years ago
Very unique photography...
Scott Marks almost 8 years ago
Fun and watchable, but no classic
This is a prequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) by L. Frank Baum, told from the point of view of the Wizard. It tells how the Wizard arrived in Oz and how he became the ruler.
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