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Heather Blacklock over 1 year ago
Amanda Mathews over 3 years ago
Fun and entertaining.
Yalini over 3 years ago
this movie introduced me to breakfast club and for that I love this!
Kosala Liyanage over 4 years ago
The boring movie version of Glee.
Fabio Vanegas over 4 years ago
Singing without instruments is beautiful
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea over 4 years ago
Singing without instruments is beautiful
Grace over 4 years ago
Fun and great music. Predictable ending but the characters were amusing and fresh.
Amy Hendriks over 4 years ago
I'm just crazy for these kind of movies. Always gives me a smile on my face.
Malory 5 years ago
funny and delightful
Leonard 5 years ago
Quite amusing and original, liked it. The performances were awesome, especially the ending
Luke Duncan over 5 years ago
Pretty predictable, but a funny and entertaining watch.
Amy Charboneau over 5 years ago
Story line is predictable, yet somehow I just like to watch this movie over and over.
Fae over 5 years ago
PITCHES. Love this movie. Humorous and kinda gross but great.
Nick Fenton over 5 years ago
I like me some acapella and cheesey teen American movies
Leif Jacobson almost 6 years ago
A total guilty pleasure, if the music doesn't get you, Ms. Kendrick's charisma just may.
Anja Waber almost 6 years ago
Really funny movie :-)
Freya 6 years ago
To this day I watched it like literally 10 times. It's one of these movies!
Mariah Renee 6 years ago
Love this! Such a great movie!
Kelsey Mayfield 6 years ago
not that great or believable plot-wise but it's fun!
nicole over 6 years ago
Cute. Not as fantastic as what I built it up to be, but just simple & fun.
A comedy set in the middle of a war between rival a cappella groups and centered on a rebellious girl who joins one of the groups as an escape from her unhappy life at school.
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