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Dónal Kennedy 8 months ago
Brilliantly demonstrates the blind terror and twisted logic of war.
Brandon Keck almost 4 years ago
You'll leave bloody, bruised and weak in the knees, but you'll absolutely love it.
Miles Ross over 4 years ago
Perfect first half with real emotional value followed by 1 hour of filler violence.
Damian Campo almost 5 years ago
The beginning and the middle parts were utterly great, but the ending seems forced.
Danial Pearce 5 years ago
It was alright i guess.
Japh 5 years ago
Amazing performances. LeBeouf is crazy. Doesn't over-glorify war.
Franco Metz over 5 years ago
IMO this is the soldiers james ryan from 2014
Yussef El Hindy over 5 years ago
Really!? where is the story !!
Griselda Luna over 5 years ago
another WWII movie. i wasn't impressed. A very regular film.
Maria Calderon over 5 years ago
It's incredible to see how everything happens in a single day.
Jessica over 5 years ago
Even better than I expected, great acting.
Ashley Beacom over 5 years ago
One of the best movies I have ever watched, everything was put together perfectly
Nick Sturgess over 5 years ago
Brad Pitt's hair + Shia LaBeouf with a moustache. And the worst crack SS division ever
Bryony Cameron over 5 years ago
Big characters and good acting
John Barton over 5 years ago
Felt a just like a natural progression of "horror of war shock porn" with trite plot
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea over 5 years ago
Great action movie
Agus Echagüe over 5 years ago
Very predictable and yet it's the most intense, raw & crude WW2 movie out there.
Zac Chapman over 5 years ago
Brad Pitt's freaking hair.
Peter Renshaw over 5 years ago
'nothing can really come close to the true horrors of tank warfare' Bill Betts, UK, D-Day
Berke Elmas 8 months ago
Last months of World War II in April 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theater, a battle-hardened U.S. Army sergeant in the 2nd Armored Division named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank called "Fury" and its five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.
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