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Sydney Stene over 2 years ago
Very well done allegorically. Manages to be heartbreaking without major delving.
Michael Cole over 2 years ago
Legitimately creepy, but has one of the most annoying kids I've seen in a horror movie
Eric Brainard over 2 years ago
A fairy tale horror that is genuinely captivating. Wish more of this style would come out.
Nicholas Fong Zheng Wei almost 4 years ago
Grief is genuinely terrifying.
Rachel Marshall almost 4 years ago
Scariest thing is the kid. Annoying! But it gets better & the overall meaning is deep.
emilio murillo over 4 years ago
It was OK. Takes too long to get the action going, though. I expected it to be terrifying.
Alejandro Betancourt over 4 years ago
Catching movie, over the average of terror movies, but still not scaring at all.
Jonathan Evans over 4 years ago
Debut director unsure about going full horror or flesh out the story, so they did neither.
Miles Ross over 4 years ago
Solid horror with more depth than you expect.
Freddie Kay over 4 years ago
"What every modern horror movie is missing out on"
Linda Imes almost 5 years ago
terrifying but good best scary movie i have seen in a long time.
Damian Campo almost 5 years ago
Australian movie about a widow householder which deals with the visions of her child.
Noah Rymer 5 years ago
very well made, but I felt it was a fairly predictable monster movie.
Leif Jacobson over 5 years ago
A harrowing story that gets under your skin. Absolutely brilliant. A rare gem of a film.
Drew K over 5 years ago
Ho hum thriller, rushed ending. I understand the metaphor but mehhh not worth it
Dónal Kennedy over 5 years ago
Worth slogging through excessive exposition for the thrilling last act
Kam-Hung Soh almost 6 years ago
Good not great psychological thriller that falters in the end.
Tony Gandía almost 6 years ago
Good not great Australian chiller
HaeWon Blackwell almost 6 years ago
It's not scary. It's a well designed look at the horror of grief and mental instability.
Robyn Hamilton almost 6 years ago
An interesting study of grief but it lags at points.
A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.
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