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Jean Walton 2 years ago
Gritty and steady-paced, this tale of human corruption deserves a 'deep focus.'
Alex Silver over 2 years ago
The one and only. A must watch.
Kirk Mason over 2 years ago
A compelling investigation of an archetypal man's life.
Pamela Murray over 2 years ago
One of the greatest. Not exactly fun.
Aaron Jones almost 3 years ago
Not overrated. Perfectly rated.
Paolo Victor Maria Lunae 4 years ago
Cinematography at its peak.
Molly Flanagan over 4 years ago
would have liked more if I didn't go in thinking "this is the greatest movie of all time."
Jonathan Evans 5 years ago
his first film ever, grabbing what he saw, imagination free from the limits of experience.
Lino Monteiro over 5 years ago
Insightful, clever, great cinematography and storytelling. Maybe a tad overhyped...
Margarida Portela over 5 years ago
One of the best films ever!!!
Lindy Oates over 5 years ago
You can't really argue this films place in history.
Juan Jimenez over 5 years ago
We all die looking back for our own Rosebud. Basic for Cinema Classes.
Tim over 5 years ago
Ein beeindruckender Film, der eine packende Geschichte erzählt.
Tony Gandía almost 6 years ago
Filmmaking at its best. Strong story, confident direction, spot-on performances.
Charlie Alcock 6 years ago
it's alright I guess
Mikus Zeberiņš 6 years ago
more than worthy of it's title
Mirza Šišić over 6 years ago
A genius film!
Adam Connell over 6 years ago
More than worthy of its title as the greatest film ever made.
Ferşat Özçelik over 6 years ago
a cult story.
Austin almost 7 years ago
It has left me speechless...
Citizen Kane is a 1941 American drama film, directed by and starring Orson Welles. The film is considered by some important polls of critics to be the greatest American film of all time and is particularly praised for its innovative cinematography, music and narrative structure. Citizen Kane was Welles' first feature film. The film was nominated for Academy Awards in nine categories; it won an Academy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay) by Herman Mankiewicz and Welles. It was released by RKO Pictures. The story is a film à clef that examines the life and legacy of Charles Foster Kane, played by Welles, a character based upon the American newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and Welles' own life. Upon its release, Hearst prohibited mention of the film in any of his newspapers. Kane's career in the publishing world is born of idealistic social service, but gradually evolves into a ruthless pursuit of power. Narrated principally through flashbacks, the story is revealed...
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