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Charlie Alcock almost 3 years ago
The absolute pinnacle of everything the Pythons ever did. A masterpiece.
Paolo Victor Maria Lunae over 4 years ago
Laughed hard.
Paul Lanoue over 4 years ago
Quite the comedy drop off.
Guy Meltzer 5 years ago
anything python is liquid gold
Jonathan Evans over 5 years ago
The Holy Grail if it had an ending. Still, worse things happen at sea you know.
gareth peck almost 6 years ago
funny as fark.
Sašo Bahtić 7 years ago
extremely humorous random epic
Henke over 7 years ago
Best biblespoof movie
Doug Stratton over 7 years ago
The funniest movie ever. I know it by heart, yet it still makes me laugh. Genius.
Grant davies over 7 years ago
In my eyes the best of python, far funnier the The Holy Grail.
Nate McBean over 7 years ago
You rated this 3 stars on 8/21/2010
Homer Triantafyllou over 7 years ago
It's amazing it will satisfy any sense of humor...
Professional Moron over 7 years ago
A classic. A great two fingered salute to religious stupidity, too.
Taylor Reginald Wright almost 8 years ago
A grand satire of religion, Ancient Rome and Biblical films. Monty Python at their best.
Robyn Hamilton almost 8 years ago
The greatest, funniest satire of Christianity the world has ever or will ever see
Cille Thystrup 8 years ago
Jesus, i was thrilled! Fantastic movie, and fantastic humor.
Mark Stanley-Adams over 8 years ago
All praise to our lord J.C. (John Cleese of course. Who else?) for blessing us with this.
John Mitchell over 8 years ago
Pant-wettingly, gut-bustingly hilarious! Never, ever fails to render me helpless
Jenny Forsyth 6 months ago
Monty Python's Life of Brian, also known as Life of Brian, is a 1979 British comedy film written, directed and largely performed by the Monty Python comedy team. It tells the story of Brian Cohen (played by Graham Chapman), a young Jewish man who is born on the same day as, and next door to, Jesus Christ, and is subsequently mistaken for the Messiah. The film contains themes of religious satire that were controversial at the time of its release, drawing accusations of blasphemy and protests from some religious groups. Thirty-nine local authorities in the UK either imposed an outright ban, or imposed an X (18 years) certificate (effectively preventing the film from being shown, as the distributors said the film could not be shown unless it was unedited and carried the original AA (14) certificate). Some countries, including Ireland and Norway, banned its showing, with a few of these bans lasting decades. The film makers used such notoriety to benefit their marketing campaign, with...
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