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Daniel Lanciana over 2 years ago
Motorbike crash is a real stuntman!
Aaron Jones almost 3 years ago
Somehow dragged on, despite being < 90 minutes. Cool aesthetic, mise-en-scène. Orwellian.
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
I had no idea George Lucas could get this surreal. A little to slow to re-watch.
Charlie Alcock over 5 years ago
Back when George Lucas knew how to make films...
Nik Green over 7 years ago
As a lover of intelligent sci-fi this is a much watch film.
Jan Wierzbowski over 7 years ago
Atmospheric, dystopian, astoundingly detailed... and painfully slow.
Anthony Kozlowski almost 8 years ago
Contains too much 1984 and Brave New World to be called "original."
jacksonmurtha almost 8 years ago
artistic, attentive to detail, both action and film noir at times - lucas really did this?
Mark Stanley-Adams almost 8 years ago
Superb dystopian vision.. George hasn't ever come close to this standard since
Bryan Nixon 8 years ago
George Lucas' first movie. Very good story and re-done digitally with some CGI effects.
Michaelangelo 8 years ago
The only quality movie mr. george lucas made
John Carlyle-Clarke 8 years ago
Beautiful visuals and sound, great characters, slow plot. Haunting though.
Iulia M 3 years ago
Jesse Beatson over 4 years ago
Nazampal Kaur Jaswal over 4 years ago
Bob over 4 years ago
Aidan Starr over 4 years ago
Damian Campo almost 5 years ago
We's Kbul over 5 years ago
Eloise Swales over 5 years ago
THX 1138 is a 1971 science fiction film directed by George Lucas in his directorial debut. The film is based on a screenplay by Lucas and Walter Murch. It stars Robert Duvall and Donald Pleasence and depicts a dystopian future in which the populace is controlled through android police officers and mandatory use of drugs that suppress emotion, including sexual desire. THX 1138 was the first feature-length film directed by Lucas, developed from his 1967 student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, which he made in 1967 while attending the University of Southern California. This short film was itself based on a one and a quarter page treatment of an idea by Matthew Robbins. The feature film was produced in a joint venture between Warner Brothers and Francis Ford Coppola's new production company, American Zoetrope. A novelization by Ben Bova was published in 1971. In a city of the future, sexual intercourse is outlawed and use of mind-altering drugs is mandatory. Narcotics are...
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