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Jean Walton over 2 years ago
A groundbreaking classic-someday I'll rewatch alongside The Hidden Fortress.
Aaron Jones over 2 years ago
Way weirder than I remembered
Charlie Alcock over 2 years ago
There are reams of better sci-fi movies, but at the end of the day, it's Star Wars.
David Bertasso over 3 years ago
THE defining film for sci-fi. Clunky in some places because of it's age, but I love it
Phetcharat 4 years ago
Amy Hendriks over 4 years ago
It is getting dated, but still a classic that everybody needs to see.
Carlos Humphrey almost 5 years ago
But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!
Grace almost 5 years ago
Great actor chemistry. Some too convenient plot devices but it's fun movie.
Austin 5 years ago
The film that started it all!
Guy Meltzer 5 years ago
classic sci-fi with all the traits and quirks of oldschool flamboyancy.
Davis Keck 5 years ago
Fun and joyful, through and through.
Dónal Kennedy 5 years ago
Barring its hideous new 3D visuals, an exhilarating and timeless film.
Robyn Hamilton 5 years ago
Not allowed to give it a bad rating, groundbreaking for sci-fi
Jared Bennett 5 years ago
Childhood memories are made of films such as these.
Alberto Rodrigues dos Anjos over 5 years ago
Very good
Brandon Keck over 5 years ago
Captures the imagination in a way that few movies do.
Joe Roberge over 5 years ago
The classic that reinvented the sci-fi genre. A must-see for all ages.
Christopher McLean over 5 years ago
Watched it with my son for the first time. Still a fantastic experience
Claire Pom almost 6 years ago
George Lucas created an amazing universe.
Силвия Митева almost 6 years ago
<3 <3 <3
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, originally released as Star Wars, is a 1977 American epic space opera film, written and directed by George Lucas. It is the first of six films released in the Star Wars saga: two subsequent films complete the original trilogy, while a prequel trilogy completes the six-film saga. It is the fourth film in terms of the series' internal chronology. Groundbreaking in its use of special effects, unconventional editing, and science fiction/fantasy storytelling, the original Star Wars is one of the most successful and influential films of all time. Set "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away", the film follows a group of freedom fighters known as the Rebel Alliance as they plot to destroy the powerful Death Star space station, a devastating weapon created by the evil Galactic Empire. This conflict disrupts the isolated life of farmboy Luke Skywalker when he inadvertently acquires the droids carrying the stolen plans to the Death Star. After the Empire...
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