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Noah Rymer 5 years ago
an outstanding adventure, one of terry gilliam's best.
Katherine Shaw over 6 years ago
can watch over and over again, as with most Gilliam films
Austin 7 years ago
A unique coming of age story that remains fun and exciting throughout.
Grant davies over 7 years ago
dated but still good in a surreal sort of way
Nate McBean over 7 years ago
You rated this 3 stars on 8/11/2012
bethswald over 7 years ago
In typical TG fashion it straddles the line b/w disaster & masterpiece.
kat almost 8 years ago
Not as good as expected. Evil's rant about slugs and VCRs was hysterical though.
Taylor Reginald Wright 8 years ago
A whimsical adventure through time with Terry Gilliam at the helm. Great for the family.
Roman over 8 years ago
a jumble of history and... a 'lesson'? maybe fun for kids, but doesn't hold together.
Dylan Clites over 8 years ago
Among the most disappointing pieces of film that I've ever experienced. Boring throughout.
Maryjane Bamba over 8 years ago
absolute classic. if you haven't seen it yet...or in a long time...give it another go.
Tri Minh Nguyen over 8 years ago
kids movie with deep philosophical points
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Michelle Roussell over 2 years ago
Niaal Holder 3 years ago
Oliver Milton 3 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 3 years ago
Anteater over 3 years ago
Time Bandits is a 1981 British fantasy film produced and directed by Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam wrote the screenplay with fellow Monty Python alumnus Michael Palin, who appears with Shelley Duvall in the small, recurring roles of Vincent and Pansy. The film is one of the most famous of more than 30 theatrical features produced by HandMade Films. The London-based independent company was backed in part by former Beatle George Harrison, who wrote and performed the closing credits song "Dream Away" especially for this film, and is credited as being one of the executive producers of the film. Gilliam would work with many of this film's cast again in 1985's Brazil, including Jim Broadbent, Ian Holm, Peter Vaughan, Katherine Helmond, Michael Palin, and Jack Purvis. Kevin is an 11-year-old boy whose parents ignore him in favour of keeping up with the neighbours by purchasing all the latest gadgets. Without their attention, Kevin has become a history buff, particularly of the Ancient Greek...
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