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Pamela Murray almost 3 years ago
Silly, but one of our favorites. Love the groundhog.
Leif Jacobson almost 5 years ago
A comedy classic. Hilarious for the entire run time.
JeffB 5 years ago
CLASSIC! So many iconic scenes and quotes. Star studded cast. Can watch over and over!
Mario Schievenini over 6 years ago
Good film, clever humor. Stupid parts made it loss stars.
emilio murillo almost 7 years ago
Really awkward film with no discernible/working plot. Not always funny. Flat characters.
Jim Barton almost 7 years ago
A comedic classic!
Ariana Topke 7 years ago
A bit out-dated but always a fun & worthwhile watch! Love Bill Murray <3
Emily Messerschmidt 7 years ago
"It's a Cinderella story" Love this movie! Bill Murray completes it.
Fernando Olivas 7 years ago
Everyone's at the top of their game in this film.
Emmet O Sullivan over 7 years ago
Kinda terrible but great at the same time. So many comedy legends in one place
Alex Gifford over 7 years ago
I wish these shenanigans would happen when I played golf
Taylor Reginald Wright over 7 years ago
A riotous comedy with a great script, a perfect cast and hilarious unforgettable moments.
Daniel Jones over 7 years ago
This right here, folks, is one of the funniest movies ever made. Everyone should see it.
Andy Whitfield over 7 years ago
I may have watched this too far past its original release to really enjoy it.
Justin L. Clemons almost 8 years ago
Yes, this movie is funny... just watch it.
Dylan Clites 8 years ago
One of the funniest movies ever. Just look at that dream cast. Hilarious and quotable.
Mat Adams over 8 years ago
Funniest movie of all time, not even close.
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Michelle Roussell over 2 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 2 years ago
Caddyshack is a 1980 American comedy film directed by Harold Ramis and written by Brian Doyle-Murray, Ramis, and Douglas Kenney. It stars Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Michael O'Keefe, Cindy Morgan, and Bill Murray. Doyle-Murray also has a supporting role. This was Ramis' first feature film and was a major boost to Dangerfield's film career; previously, he was known mostly for his stand-up comedy. Grossing almost $40 million in the U.S. alone (16th highest of the year), it was the first of a series of similar comedies. A sequel, Caddyshack II, followed in 1988, although it was not nearly as successful or well-received. Danny Noonan works at the upscale Bushwood Country Club as he tries to raise enough money to go to college since his parents cannot afford it and his grades were unremarkable in high school. Danny caddies for Ty Webb, the free-spirited playboy son of one of Bushwood's co-founders, as Ty teaches Danny about the finer points in life usually while showing...
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