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Neil Cooke over 3 years ago
Not a bad suspense flick. Good for a Monday night bourbon & cheese.
Michael Cole almost 6 years ago
Is it just me, or does a young Mickey Rourke look just like Jason Sudeikis?
Mario Schievenini 6 years ago
It captivates the viewer. Fine acting. De Niro does a superb devil.
Grant davies over 6 years ago
gooddd film
Dan Kearns almost 8 years ago
From original 10s list
Courtney Bess over 1 year ago
Sam Bowman 2 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 2 years ago
Ezequiel Castellanos over 5 years ago
Andrea Finocchiaro over 5 years ago
Tina Pech over 5 years ago
Cindy Featherbottom over 5 years ago
Brad Ludwig almost 6 years ago
Marko over 6 years ago
Gabi Lener over 6 years ago
Carl Watson over 6 years ago
Mark Henry over 6 years ago
Zer0 Squared almost 7 years ago
Joel Grossman 7 years ago
Randy Dumont 7 years ago
Angel Heart is a 1987 North American/British mystery-thriller film written and directed by Alan Parker, and starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, and Lisa Bonet. The film is adapted from the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg, and is generally faithful to the novel with the exceptions being the introduction of a child of Epiphany Proudfoot conceived at a voodoo ceremony by "a devil", and that the novel never leaves New York City, whereas much of the action of the film occurs in New Orleans. A highly atmospheric film, Angel Heart combines elements of film noir, hard-boiled detective stories and horror. The movie opens in New York City, in January 1955. Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke), a downtrodden but competent private investigator is contacted by an attorney named Herman Winesap (Dann Florek) and instructed to meet a client named Louis Cyphre (Robert DeNiro) in a Harlem church. Cyphre, an elegant but mysterious man with long, manicured fingernails, tells Angel about a once...
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