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Noah Rymer 4 years ago
underrated. dumb, but a fun old time adventure.
Megan Lee 5 years ago
pouring one out for taylor kitsch's career.
Kevin Barrett over 5 years ago
I thought this was a pretty great adaptation of the book. Too bad it flopped...
ashley lee over 5 years ago
Decent enough, considering it is a Disney film. Could have been much better though.
Josh Steadman over 6 years ago
What a surprise! Goofy, but a fun adventure that doesn't take itself all that seriously.
Grant davies over 6 years ago
good 8/10
John Johnson almost 7 years ago
really good fantasy adventure, u wont notice it's a disney movie
Robyn Hamilton 7 years ago
Not as bad as everyone says it is, still pretty bad though.
Jake Barlow 7 years ago
Not even half the cast of HBO's Rome plus McNulty could save this overblown mess.
David Williams over 7 years ago
For the Nay sayers...the author of this story was popular before the Wizard of Oz.
Brendan Keevers over 7 years ago
Really enjoyed this film. Great scenes & a good story with great depth.
Michael King over 7 years ago
Cool effects and premise not enough to overcome boring, by the numbers story.
Nate McBean over 7 years ago
Better than I expected. Main character could have been cast better, decent sfx, ok plot.
Ivana Marjanovitj over 7 years ago
Took me back to my childhood. Take me back to Barsoom :)!
Ryan Parker over 7 years ago
Felt like watching one of the Star Wars prequels mashed up with Avatar. Has its moments.
Dylan Clites over 7 years ago
Bleh. Nothing worth caring about at all. One giant pointless action scene after the next.
Vickie Ehlers Cyr over 7 years ago
Absolute schlock of the worst kind!
Benjamin Featherston over 7 years ago
Burrough's novel universe is beautifully realized in this undervalued Disney release.
Paul Flanaghan over 7 years ago
A very enjoyable adaptation of Barsoom.
Carla Viera over 7 years ago
mucho me gusta
John Carter is a 2012 American science fiction action adventure film featuring John Carter, the heroic protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume Barsoom series. In the film, former Confederate captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is transported to Mars ("Barsoom"). There he becomes part of a conflict between the various nations of the planet, whose leaders include Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). Carter takes it upon himself to save Barsoom and its people. The film is directed by Andrew Stanton, written by Stanton, Mark Andrews, and Michael Chabon, produced by Jim Morris, Colin Wilson, and Lindsey Collins, and scored by Michael Giacchino. The film is being distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and will be released in the United States on March 9, 2012. Filming began in November 2009 and principal photography spanned from January 2010 to July 2010. This project marks the first time that Andrew Stanton has worked on a live-action film, as his...
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