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Alex Silver almost 2 years ago
Both romantic and realistic.
Jordan Feurstein 6 years ago
Good ol' fashioned Western. Costner and Duvall are solid. Familiar story, but still good.
Grant davies over 6 years ago
Good film, very good
Don Lathrop 10 months ago
Alice Albescu 4 years ago
Norma Flowers 4 years ago
Gary over 5 years ago
Nerd Girl over 5 years ago
John Matos almost 6 years ago
Michael Busch 6 years ago
Michael 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff over 6 years ago
Mike Faulkner over 6 years ago
Banan Yahyania over 6 years ago
Becky almost 7 years ago
Daniel Jones almost 7 years ago
Ronan Conway almost 7 years ago
Open Range is a 2003 American Western film co-starring, co-produced, and directed by Kevin Costner, based on the novel The Open Range Men by Lauran Paine. Starring alongside Costner are Robert Duvall, Annette Bening, and Michael Gambon. The film received mostly positive reviews, and was a modest success at the box office, making about $58 million in the U.S. alone. Open Range is a contemporary Western set in Montana in 1882 (the year is seen on a new grave marker) though the movie was filmed entirely on location in Alberta, Canada. The background of the movie concerns the "range wars" that occurred in the American West in the late 19th century. The "wars" pitted those that believed in the "Law of the Open Range" — free access to water and grass for everyone, against the "barbed wire" men — land barons, who used the new fencing to define their empire and block the free-range cattlemen from moving their herds. "Boss" Spearman (Robert Duvall) is a free-range cattleman, who, with hired...
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