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Eric Brainard almost 3 years ago
A dark supernatural thriller that has a few good scares. Good use of Paint it Black.
Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
Not Bacon's best
Melli Yaeger over 6 years ago
Great. Scary, resonating, thrilling. Released around when sixth sense was so nobody saw it
alberto marchi over 7 years ago
poor, very poor screenplay, and bad acting. Totally NOT worth seeing....
Anna over 1 year ago
Brentt Nerves 2 years ago
JustinMFnTime over 2 years ago
Michelle Roussell over 2 years ago
Flo HM 3 years ago
Mandy Allen 4 years ago
Robert Stuart over 5 years ago
Alexis 6 years ago
Tom o'brien over 6 years ago
Ezequiel Castellanos over 6 years ago
Katie T over 6 years ago
Psyco over 6 years ago
Keri over 6 years ago
BO Meeks almost 7 years ago
Stir of Echoes is a supernatural horror / thriller released in the United States in 1999, starring Kevin Bacon and directed by David Koepp. The film is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon) is a phone lineman living in a working-class neighborhood in Chicago with his pregnant wife Maggie (Kathryn Erbe) and his son Jake (Zachary David Cope), who possesses the ability to commune with the dead. At a party one evening, Tom challenges Maggie's sister Lisa (Illeana Douglas), a believer in paranormal activity and psychic telepathy, to hypnotize him. After putting him under, Lisa plants a post-hypnotic suggestion in Tom urging him to "be more open-minded." Tom then begins experiencing visions of a violent scuffle involving a girl who he later learns is Samantha Kozac (Jennifer Morrison), a 17 year-old that disappeared from the neighborhood six months prior. While Tom and Maggie attend a high school football game, Jake is overheard by his...
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