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Tony Gandía 5 years ago
Way too artsy for its good. A potentially interesting bio squandered yet Hardy is all in.
Ryan Boucher almost 6 years ago
Mostly insane.
ashley lee over 6 years ago
Brutal. I wasn't a fan.
Liam Christopher McNeal over 6 years ago
An appropriately done tribute to an absolute madman.
Daniel Jones almost 7 years ago
Brutal, but awesome. Tom Hardy is quite the actor if you ask me.
Ferşat Özçelik over 7 years ago
a perfect character.
Zach Sly over 7 years ago
Masterfully directed, wonderfully acted. Tom Hardy's breakout role. Truly a spectacle.
Austin over 7 years ago
Hardy gives an awesome performance in this creepy, cool film.
Aaron Jones almost 8 years ago
Good performance from Tom Hardy, but the film itself was pretty repetitive.
Thomas Menga 8 years ago
Best Tom Hardy's role playing an uncommon kind of convict
Mark Stanley-Adams 8 years ago
A masterclass in how to exploit the visual medium to the max.. in spite of the subject :)
Bako Tako 8 years ago
Michael Cole 8 years ago
A disturbing look into the mind of a twisted man.
Nicola Possi 8 years ago
il film giusto per una notte insonne, violento lirico e psichedelico
emilio murillo over 8 years ago
Winding Refn's directing is superb, but I think he might have some psychological problems.
Joseph Ruiz over 8 years ago
Charles Bronson was in jail for HOW LONG???
Stephanie Bonner over 8 years ago
tom hardy as bronson best acting I have ever seen - absolutely bloody brilliant
Andrew Schatzman over 8 years ago
The tale of a true psychopath. His home is in prison.
Iris Rios over 8 years ago
Great acting and story. Soundtrack fits so perfectly.
T.Gibbs over 8 years ago
Tom Hardy was amazing!
Bronson is a 2008 British fictionalised biographical crime film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Tom Hardy. The film follows the life of notorious prisoner Michael Gordon Peterson, who was re-named Charles Bronson by his fight promoter. Born into a respectable middle class family, Peterson would nevertheless become one of the United Kingdom's most dangerous criminals, and is known for having spent almost his entire adult life in solitary confinement. Bronson is narrated with humour, blurring the line between comedy and horror. The film begins with Bronson introducing himself to the camera, stating he always wanted to be famous. He cannot sing, he cannot act, and so he shows the calling he found: the film cuts to a naked Bronson fighting several prison guards in a cage. The film then presents several assorted points from his life, intercut with Bronson on stage before an audience in several stages of performance make-up, and speaking directly to camera while seemingly...
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