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Nino D 4 years ago
A lot of action, not the most enticing story, but action packed, interesting characters,
Kyle Birrer over 4 years ago
its more Sin City. if you liked the first, this is more of that
Leonard 5 years ago
First movie was quite good. This one just sucks on every level imaginable.
Danial Pearce over 5 years ago
Didn't mind it. Tried to be as good as the original but failed.
Guy Meltzer over 5 years ago
very meh. return to the classic movie fans have waited to for over a decade. utter shit.
Lenart Skoberne almost 6 years ago
Shallow exercise in gruffy voices, pointles violence and scantily dressed women.
Michael Cole 6 years ago
Doesn't have the originality or the cohesive story of the first film.
Marcel 6 years ago
Such a disappointment if you're a fan of the original. This story/script is horrible!
Bruno Ferreira Machado over 6 years ago
Not that good, unfortunately.
Daniel Jones over 6 years ago
It's not the original, that's for sure.
Nick Fenton over 6 years ago
Ay Lin over 6 years ago
Great vision, great style, second story was great. However, Nancy's story lacked suspense.
nope over 6 years ago
Bad fiction and just watching for the colors
Emma Jun over 6 years ago
Just as engrossing and stylised as the original.
Johnny Nys over 6 years ago
Fits the first movie perfectly, only not as funny, nor as surprising. Seen it all before.
Natasha Marchev over 6 years ago
review: http://bohemianrhapsodyclub.weebly.com/la-premiere.html
Christopher Leno over 6 years ago
Stunning visuals and great stories with the return of some favourite characters.
Griffin Maurer over 6 years ago
It's not as stylish, brutal, or memorable as the first. Levitt kills it, others fall flat.
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Janika Puolitaival almost 2 years ago
Sin City 2 is the 2010 sequel to Sin City starring Jessica Alba, and Rachel Weisz. In the dark bowels of Sin City, Dwight plans to have his vengeance against the woman who betrayed him. Ava Lord, while Nancy is trying to cope with Hartigan's death. Bruce Willis will not be involved in this film, but has stated that he would love to reprise the role.The events take place before the death of Hartigan in Sin City.
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