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Damian Campo 3 years ago
It contains more elaborated scenes than the first chapter in more complex scenarios!
Dzenan Suljevic 11 months ago
Takes all that world-building from the first one and commits to it even more. Good action!
Tony Gandía 1 year ago
Outstanding sequel that amps up the stylish action effectively
Eric Brainard 1 year ago
I liked the sequel more than the first. First was good too though.
Daniel Lanciana over 1 year ago
Slow start, bad acting, less plot, brutal towards the end. Sommelier and mirrors cool.
Davis Keck over 2 years ago
I liked it more than the first, even though it still relies on cliches and poor dialogue.
Michael Cole almost 3 years ago
Some of the best gun fights I've seen.
Ryan Boucher almost 3 years ago
Fabio Vanegas over 3 years ago
Good movie
Fabio Augusto Vanegas Bovea over 3 years ago
Buena película. Mucha acción
Brandon Keck over 3 years ago
Not as good as the first. But, you know I'll be tuning in for Chapter 3.
Bruno Ferreira Machado over 3 years ago
Excellent! Great action.
Noah Rymer over 3 years ago
A very well made sequel, but it is starting to get very repetitious.
Paulinho Serrinha over 3 years ago
the first was better... this was too mutch for one man...
nicole over 3 years ago
Lacks simplicity and beauty from #1, but rewatchable and ready for #3!
Daniel Jones over 3 years ago
Much like the original, plenty of satisfying gun fu style action. Worth the ticket price.
Andy Whitfield over 3 years ago
Beautiful gun kata. Doubles down on its eerie world of assassins adding a sense of humor.
Jenny Forsyth 1 month ago
Robyn Wilde 3 months ago
Freya 8 months ago
John Wick is forced out of retirement by a former associate looking to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to aid him, Wick travels to Rome and does battle against some of the world’s most dangerous killers.